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Unit 1: An Introduction to Law



Activity: Prepare a Group Presentation about Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Laws

On September 11, 2001, terrorists launched attacks against the United States, destroying the World Trade Center in New York and damaging the Pentagon in Washington, DC. The events rocked the world. How did Canada respond? What was its response in law?

Research answers and make a group presentation about the subject.

  1. With classmates, work in a group to research one of the following research tasks.

    1. Visit the Web site for Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs to do the following:

      • Summarize the objectives of Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Plan.
      • Outline the six main components of the Anti-Terrorism Plan.
    2. Visit a Web page for Canada’s Department of Justice to summarize the main similarities between Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act and equivalent laws in the United States and the United Kingdom.
    3. Visit an alternative Web page for Canada's Department of Justice to answer the following questions:

      • What two United Nations Conventions does Canada ratify under the Anti-Terrorism Act?
      • What amendments does the Anti-Terrorism Act make to the Criminal Code?
      • What new investigative tools are given to intelligence and law enforcement agencies?
      • What measures are taken against hate crimes and propaganda?
      • What safeguards are built into the Act to protect the rights and freedoms of Canadians?
    4. Visit Transport Canada's Web site to do the following:

      • Identify how concerns raised about Bill C-42 are addressed in the Public Safety Act, 2002.
      • Summarize how the Public Safety Act, 2002 amends the following legislation:
      • - Aeronautics Act
        - Criminal Code
        - Explosives Act
        - Export and Import Permits Act
        - National Defence Act
        - National Energy Board Act
        - Proceeds of Crime and Terrorist Financing Act

      • What new bill enacted addresses biological weapons?
    5. Visit the CBC News "Target Terrorism" Web page to summarize the personal viewpoints presented in the following features:

      • CBC TV’s Nancy Wilson talks to Ziyaad Mia
      • OPINION: Balancing public safety with privacy rights
      • TEXT: Opposition says second anti-terrorism bill deeply flawed
      • TEXT: Privacy commissioner ‘deeply troubled’ by anti-terror bill
  2. Decide on how you will present your findings to the class, then prepare your group presentation. Your presentation should end with a question-and-answer period, so make sure that you have some questions to ask your classmates to start the process. Use the checklist below.

    Click here if you would like to download the checklist.

Presentation/Speech Checklist

  • Have I presented information that reflects a solid knowledge of relevant facts and terms?
  • Have I presented information that reflects a solid understanding of relevant concepts?
  • Have I presented information that reflects a solid understanding about how concepts are related?
  • Have I taken into account different points of view when presenting information?
  • Have I formulated clear and appropriate responses to questions?
  • Have I created an opening that is engaging and clearly introduces the topic?
  • Have I presented information in a logical sequence?
  • Have I formulated a clear and effective conclusion?
  • Have I used visuals effectively?
  • Have I chosen words and used a level of language that is appropriate to the purpose and audience?
  • Have I used speech that is fluent, expressive, and audible?
  • Have I used technology or other presentation aids in a way that enhances the presentation?

  1. Make your group presentation, and be prepared to answer and ask questions of other groups.