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Unit 2: Criminal Law



Activity: Make a Pamphlet about Safety

You have seen the public notices and posters in bus shelters, on milk cartons, on the backs of envelopes, and on Web sites. The notices and posters show the faces of children who have been missing, sometimes for years. "Have you seen this child?" they ask. These pleas to the public are often parents' last best hope of finding their children. Several organizations exist specifically to support families of missing children and to aid them in their searches, either national or international.

In this activity, you will assume the role of a communications officer for one of these organizations. You will design a pamphlet to educate a specific group about one specific aspect of safety. For example, you might focus on helping teenagers stay safe while online.

  1. In preparation for making your pamphlet, visit the following Web sites to learn more about three organizations involved in matters related to missing children.
  2. - Our Missing Children
    - Child Find Canada
    - Missing Children Society of Canada

    • What is the mandate of each organization? Summarize each organization's key area of involvement with respect to abductions and missing children.
    • How is information brought to their attention?
    • What services do they provide?

  3. Research one of the following topics so that you can develop a pamphlet on it. Begin at the Child Find Web site and click on "Safety." Further directions appear below. Go to other sources if you wish to broaden your research.

    • Safety Tips to Avoid Abduction (Click on "Safety Tips for Teenagers" and then "Tips for Teenagers" and "My 8 Rules for Safety.")
    • Babysitting Tips (Click on "Babysitting Safety Tips for Parents and Babysitters.")
    • Online Safety Tips (Click on "Safety Tips for Teenagers" and then "My Rules for Online Safety.")
    • Tips for Camp Counsellors (Click on "Safety Tips for Teenagers" and then "Guidelines for Camp Counsellors.")
    • Tips for Parents (Click on "Runaway Prevention Tips for Parents.")

  4. Create your pamphlet, keeping in mind your audience (e.g., teenagers working as camp counsellors). Besides using the ideas you have read about, develop and present your own ideas about ways to ensure safety for the group you are addressing. Create graphics to enhance your pamphlet.