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Unit 2: Criminal Law



Activity: Prepare a Software Presentation or Slide Show about Criminal Harassment

The Criminal Code was amended in 1993 to add the offence of criminal harassment. What is criminal harassment? How can you protect yourself against criminal harassment?

Become familiar with the details of the offence of criminal harassment, and then create a media product such as a slide show or a software presentation to describe the offence and to educate others about how they can protect themselves. If you don't have the appropriate software, prepare a mock slide show or software presentation on paper. To aid in your research, complete the following four steps.

  1. Visit the Web site of the Metropolitan Action Committee for Violence Against Women and Children.

    • Summarize the specific conduct that is prohibited under section 264 of the Criminal Code.
    • Outline other behaviours that could amount to criminal harassment or stalking charges.

  2. Visit the Web site of the Department of Justice, where you can locate answers to the following questions:

    • What is the history of legislation against criminal harassment in Canada?
    • What do we know about criminal harassment in Canada?
    • How does criminal harassment affect the victim?
    • What do we know about stalkers in Canada?

  3. Visit Statistics Canada to gather statistical data related to criminal harassment that you could use in your media product.

  4. Visit the Web site of the Ontario Women's Justice Network to locate information about peace bonds, restraining orders, and plans and strategies you can make to increase your safety.

    For additional information about how you can protect yourself if you are being stalked, visit the Web site of the Ministry of Women's Equality. This Web site includes information about personal safety, home safety, telephone safety, safety at the workplace, safety when walking, safety on the transit system, and safety in your vehicle.