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Unit 2: Criminal Law



Activity: Writing a Brief

Ignition interlock (or antilock) devices have been introduced as a tool in the fight against impaired driving. These devices are used to provide people convicted of driving while intoxicated with a way to regain the privilege of driving while not endangering the public. How do these devices work? Why would government want to sponsor such a program? Who would want to participate? What are the requirements for participation in such a program?

Assume you are a deputy assistant to the Minister of Transportation in Province X. The minister needs to learn as much as she can about ignition interlock programs, because she is going to participate on a media panel on the subject very soon. You have been assigned to prepare a brief for the minister—a quick, informative summary of all pertinent information the minister will need to know. Your brief should explain the current legislation in this area and provide information about the program currently in place in Alberta. You want to provide the minister with a sound understanding about the purpose of such programs generally, who would qualify for the program, and how it would operate. Work through the following questions to find the information you’ll need to write your brief.

  1. Visit the Department of Justice Web site to research the following questions.
    • When was the legislation introduced to expand the use of the ignition interlock program?
    • What was the purpose of the expanded legislation?
    • How does the ignition interlock work?
    • Why might offenders be interested in applying to this program?

  2. The Alberta Transportation’s Web site describes the province’s Ignition Interlock Program and outlines the requirements of the program. View the requirements for participation in the program by downloading the Participant Guide PDF file.
    • What are the eligibility requirements?
    • What are the costs for participating in such a program?
    • What are the requirements for repeat offenders?