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Unit 2: Criminal Law



Activity: Prepare a Biographical Sketch of a Supreme Court Justice

The Supreme Court of Canada consists of a Chief Justice and eight other justices appointed by the Governor in Council. How may one become a Supreme Court Justice? Who are the current Supreme Court Justices?

In this activity you will prepare a biographical sketch of one of the current Supreme Court Justices.

1. Visit the Web site of the Supreme Court of Canada. Before you select one of the justices to profile, summarize the following considerations about justices:

  • Who qualifies for the position?

  • Where must they live while serving on the Supreme Court?

  • What are their employment restrictions?

  • How long do they serve?

  • What are the grounds for removal?

2. Using the same Web site, prepare a summary of the duties of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

3. Identify the names of all the current Supreme Court Justices in your notes. You can find the names by going to the home page of the Supreme Court and clicking on "FAQ." The names of the current justices are listed in Question 8.

4. You can access specific information about each justice by clicking on his or her name at the location cited in Question 3. Select one of the justices and prepare a biographical sketch.

  • If you profile the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, include all your information from Question 2 in your biographical sketch.

  • If you select one of the other eight judges, include the background material from Question 1 in your biographical sketch.

Include the following information about the specific Supreme Court Justice you have selected to profile:

  • birthplace

  • current age

  • educational background

  • area of expertise (if provided)

  • significant awards or achievements in recent years