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Unit 2: Criminal Law



Activity: Complete an Organizer About the 2002 MADD Canada Report

In June of 2000, MADD Canada presented a comprehensive report on the study of impaired-driving legislation in Canada. In 2002, they released a new report that rated the provinces on their level of improvement since the 2000 benchmark. Find out how your jurisdiction fared. What is your province doing to improve impaired-driving laws?

In this activity, you will fill out an organizer about the report results.

  1. Visit the Web site of MADD Canada and click on “About MADD Canada” to learn more about this activist organization. Summarize the main scope of its efforts.
  2. Review the Web page with MADD Canada’s press release “Rating the Provinces and Territories: The 2002 Progress Report.” Summarize some of the results in the report organizer below. Click here to download the organizer.
What is the purpose of the 2002 report?


Which four jurisdictions had the best rating?


Which jurisdictions were cited as showing promise in their level of improvement?


Which jurisdictions had the poorest rating?


What is the rating in your jurisdiction?  
What programs did Manitoba introduce to curb impaired driving?


What programs did Saskatchewan introduce?  
What programs did Yukon introduce?


What does the organization hope to achieve with its continued reviews of provincial legislation?














  1. You can access the entire 2000 Report Card as well as the 2002 Progress Report as PDF files on the MADD Canada Web site by clicking on “Rating the Provinces” on the MADD Canada home page. Access the most recent report available, and find out the actual letter grade and ranking for each province and territory by skimming through the report. Then rank order all the jurisdictions to see where your province or territory stands in the rankings.
  2. MADD Canada often profiles controversial cases in the area of impaired driving. The case of the Russian diplomat, Andrei Knyazev—who killed a Canadian woman by driving while impaired—is profiled in great detail at the Web site. Select one of the current news articles about this case that appear in the “News Stories” listing. Using one or more articles, summarize the events of the Knyazev case and research the final outcome.