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Unit 2: Criminal Law



Activity: Prepare a Report on Alternative Measures Programs

Not all youth-offender cases go to trial. Extrajudicial sanctions, sometimes known as alternative measures programs, provide an alternative to the court process. What are these alternative measures programs? Why are offending youth diverted to these programs? Do offenders still end up with a criminal record? How can a youth qualify to participate in such a program? To find out more about alternative measures programs, prepare a report by working through the following questions.

  1. Visit the Web site for Social Services for the government of Saskatchewan to research how a typical alternative measures program works. As part of your report, highlight the following information about alternative measures programs.

    • What are alternative measures programs?
    • What are the goals of such a program?
    • How does the program work?
    • What are the usual alternative measures?
    • How do youths involved in the criminal justice system qualify for an alternative measures program?
    • What happens if a youth does not follow or complete the conditions of the alternative measures agreement?
    • What types of offences render youths automatically ineligible?
  2. Visit the office of the Web site of the Alberta Solicitor General to determine the number of youths who participated in youth alternative measures programs in that province in 2000–2001.
  3. Visit the Web site of the Community Legal Information of Prince Edward Island to identify the types of conditions that may be included under an alternative-measures agreement.
  4. For further information on extrajudicial sanctions, visit the Web site of the Department of Justice for Canada to view the material on "Measures Outside the Formal Court Process" for the Youth Criminal Justice Act.