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Unit 3: Tort and Dispute Resolution



Activity: Make a Pamphlet on How to Survive Small Claims Court

For many Canadians, the only experience with the court process may be in a small claims court. Find out how the process works and prepare a pamphlet on a small claims action.

  1. To see how a model small claims action is processed, visit the Web site of the Attorney General for Ontario. Click on “How to Make Small Clams Court Work for You” to download a PDF file of the booklet. Research the following questions for inclusion in your pamphlet.

    • What is the purpose of small claims court?
    • Do you need a lawyer for a small claims action?
    • What kinds of claims are dealt with in small claims court?
    • What information is required on the claim?
    • What documents do you include with the claim?
    • Can you make a claim if you are under the age of 18?
    • What are the current amount limits for a small claims action?
    • Who can serve your claim (i.e., present it to the individual you are bringing to court)?
    • When can you serve a claim?
    • How long do you have to serve a claim?
    • How do you prove that the claim was served?
    • What should you do if a small claims action is launched against you?
    • What happens if you don’t file a statement of defence?
    • What is a motion used for in the small claims court process?

    If you wish, do further research on this and other Web sites to find additional information for inclusion in your pamphlet.

  2. Produce your pamphlet, using computer technology if possible. Don’t forget to use your illustration and graphic abilities to enhance the appeal of your pamphlet.