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Unit 3: Tort and Dispute Resolution



Activity: Design a Flow Chart

Going to trial in the civil justice system can take a lot of time and money. A system of civil case management is being used in many jurisdictions in order to speed up the process in the civil justice system. What is civil case management? How does the process work?

In this activity, you’ll learn more about civil case management by investigating the system currently used in Ontario and then by creating a flow chart to show how a civil case works its way through the system.

  1. Visit the Web site of the Attorney General for Ontario for general information about Civil Case Management. Select the Fact Sheets on “Civil Case Management: Rule 77” and “Civil Case Management: How it Works.” Using the information in these files, answer the following questions about the civil case management system.

    • Why did the civil case management system develop?
    • What was one of the key recommendations of the Canadian Bar Association’s Systems of Civil Justice Report?
    • Who manages the flow of cases?
    • What is the mandate of the civil case management system?
    • What are the purposes of conferences?
    • Distinguish between the three types of conferences.
    • Distinguish between fast track and standard track.

  2. For the job board you are to research, find out

    • the kinds of jobs available
    • specific examples of jobs available
    • the kinds of education and experience required for the positions
    • the mandate of the organization (if available)
  3. Share your findings in your group and come to conclusions about careers in the field of human rights. Answer specifically:

    • How do different job opportunities available in the human rights field compare?
    • How can students further explore this career area?
  4. Present your answers to the two questions above in a brief presentation to the class.