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Unit 3: Tort and Dispute Resolution



Activity: Research Careers in Civil Law and Create a Poster for One Career

What are the employment prospects and average earnings for those with careers in civil law? In particular, what should aspiring court officers, deputy sheriffs, and court office clerks know about the job market? What resources can help you find out more about these and other related career options?

Research these career options and create a poster for one.

  1. The federal Ministry of Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) has developed various resources for Canadians planning their careers, including the Job Futures 2000 Web site and the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system. These, with provincial and regional resources, provide information about Canada’s labour market. Research the prospects of court officers, deputy sheriffs, and court office clerks using the following strategy:

    1. Prepare to record your findings by downloading the following organizer.

      Click here to download the organizer.

Civil Law Career Organizer
Employment Prospects
Average Earnings
Additional Information
Court Officer


Deputy Sheriff


Court Office Clerk










    1. Visit the following Web sites to gather information:

      • National Occupational Classification (NOC) system—Conduct “Quick Searches” for the following classifications:
        - (1227) Court Officers and Justices of the Peace
        - (1443) Court Clerks
        - (6461) Sheriffs and Bailiffs
      • Job Futures 2000—Click on “Outlooks by Occupation,” to conduct a “Search” for each of the following occupations:
        - (124) Secretaries, Recorders, and Transcriptionists
        - (1242) Legal Secretaries
      • Job Futures 2000 Web site—Click on “Other Resources” and then on “Provincial/ Regional Versions of Job Futures”
  1. With a group of classmates, create a poster for one of the career options you researched. The poster should address students and encourage them to pursue a career as a court officer, deputy sheriff, or small claims clerk. Post your poster in the classroom and be prepared to explain your approach.