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Unit 5: Contract Law



Activity: Make a Presentation about Misleading Advertising

Daily, consumers are subject to a barrage of advertising. What if the advertisement is unfair or manipulative? What if an advertisement’s claims simply are not true? Can a consumer take action against the advertiser?

Prepare a short presentation on misleading advertising.

  1. Visit the Web site for Industry Canada to begin research. In your research notes, note:
    • What is misleading advertising?
    • How do “double ticketing” and “bait and switch selling” differ?
    • What is the role of the Competition Bureau?
    • What is the role of Advertising Standards Canada?

  2. Visit the Web site of Advertising Standards Canada and download the 2001 Ads Complaint Report. Select a recent case on misleading advertising and summarize the facts of one case and its result.
  3. Prepare your presentation to the class, making sure that you address the questions above and summarize one sample case. Use the checklist below.


    Click here if you would like to download the checklist.

Presentation/Speech Checklist

  • Have I presented information that reflects a solid knowledge of relevant facts and terms?
  • Have I presented information that reflects a solid understanding of relevant concepts?
  • Have I presented information that reflects a solid understanding about how concepts are related?
  • Have I taken into account different points of view when presenting information?
  • Have I formulated clear and appropriate responses to questions?
  • Have I created an opening that is engaging and clearly introduces the topic?
  • Have I presented information in a logical sequence?
  • Have I formulated a clear and effective conclusion?
  • Have I used visuals effectively?
  • Have I chosen words and used a level of language that is appropriate to the purpose and audience?
  • Have I used speech that is fluent, expressive, and audible?
  • Have I used technology or other presentation aids in a way that enhances the presentation?