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Unit 5: Contract Law



Activity: Create an Investigation Chart on Employment Contracts

For many people, an employment contract is the first ever that they will sign. What types of terms are included in employment contracts? What other areas of law have an impact on employee-employer relationships?

Prepare an investigation chart on employment contracts.

  1. Visit the Web site of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business to consult the employment law checklist.
  2. Complete the following investigation chart on employment law.

Click here if you would like to download the investigation chart.

Employment Law Investigation Chart
Employment Contracts
1. What 3 sources of law apply to employment situations?  
2. What types of contracts can non-unionized employees have?  
3. What are 2 advantages of a written employment contract?  
4. Under what circumstances will the court imply a term for notice of termination?  
5. To determine “reasonable” notice, what general factors does a court consider?  
6. View the sample employment contract and summarize the types of terms and conditions.  
7. What 12 other types of contract terms may be included in an employment contract?  
Employment Standards  
8. What are 4 tips that an employer should follow in dealing with employment standards legislation?  
Human Rights  
9. What impact does human rights law have on an employment contract?  
10. What are 5 tips that an employer could follow to reduce the potential for a human rights claim?