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Interactive Quizzes

Test your knowledge with interactive chapter quizzes from All About Law, 5th edition. Click on an underlined chapter below to complete a quiz.

 UNIT 1: An Introduction to Law

  Chapter 1: Law: Its Purpose and History
  Chapter 2: The Rights and Freedoms of Canadians
  Chapter 3: Barriers to Achieving Equality




 UNIT 2: Criminal Law

  Chapter 4: Criminal Law and Criminal Offences
  Chapter 5: The Criminal Code
  Chapter 6: Drug Use, Drinking, and Driving
  Chapter 7: Bringing the Accused to Trial
  Chapter 8: Trial Procedures
  Chapter 9: From Sentencing to Release
  Chapter 10: The Youth Justice System






UNIT 3: Tort and Dispute Resolution

  Chapter 11: Resolving Civil Disputes
  Chapter 12: Negligence and Other Torts




UNIT 4: Family Law

  Chapter 13: Marriage, Divorce, and Family Mediation
  Chapter 14: Children and Family Law
  Chapter 15: Division of Family Property and Spousal Support




UNIT 5: Contract Law

  Chapter 16: Elements of a Contract
  Chapter 17: Carrying Out the Contract
  Chapter 18: Landlord and Tenant Law
  Chapter 19: Employment Law